• Business

    • What are the tax savings of a qualified retirement/cafeteria plan?

    Cash Flow

    • How long will my money last with systematic withdrawals?
    • What is my current net worth?
    • Should I pay down debt or invest my monthly surplus?


    • How long will my current life insurance proceeds last?
    • What are the tax advantages of an annuity?
    • Which is better, comprehensive plan or high-deductible plan with HSA?
    • What is the future value of an annuity?

    Paycheck and Benefits

    • What is the impact of increasing my 401(k) contribution?
    • What may my 401(k) be worth?

    Qualified Plans

    • What is the impact of borrowing from my retirement plan?


    • Are my current retirement savings sufficient?
    • Compare a Roth 401(k) to a Traditional 401(K)
    • How much will I need to save for retirement?